Portland is too small.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 7.58.04 AM.png

Portland is just way too small. In my first year here I went on a date with a guy, then a few days later went on a date with his roommate!  Thankfully I only started sleeping with the first guy, because that could have gotten awkward.

I don’t know very many people in Portland. My life has been a cycle of disasters and depression and crawling my way back to something resembling functional, so making friends hasn’t been easy. One drifted away after I got fired from my job at the drop of a hat. One moved back to Minnesota in engaged bliss. I’m a hermit at heart.

Yet I recognize people in okc and tinder. I saw the husband of a client once. Yikes. I saw a guy I went to college with, perhaps polyamorous or recently divorced. Who knows? I see guys who I’ve dated for a minute and they disappeared immediately after getting sex. And there’s those roommates.

Everyone complains that people are moving to Portland. Well, you shouldn’t have advertised your little city as the coolest, “weirdest” city in the world. (side note – it is not the coolest or weirdest city anywhere other than in Oregon. It is a fine place. But very much over rated.)  I guess those people want to date the same 8 people in a never ending loop. I am actually grateful for new men to be moving here. Hopefully some of them don’t have beards and are not married & “ethically non-monogomous”.  That’s cool, I guess, but I want more than to fuck you when your wife is at her knitting circle/roller derby practice/girlfriends house for the night.

So, while it’s really not raining men in Portland there is a chance of showers.

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