“Don’t feel bad, I was just using you.”

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 7.52.13 PMDon’t date a grown man named Timmy. Just don’t.

I made that mistake once. He seemed so great. Cute. Funny. Artistic and employed. He pursued me. He acted like he was really into me. I accordingly fell for him. Despite the fact that his name was actually for ages 8 and under.

He got weird. But he wouldn’t actually be a grown up and tell me he wasn’t into me. Because, how can someone called “timmy” actually have balls? I basically had to break up with myself. He literally said “Don’t feel bad. I was just using you.”   Yeah.

But if you hang out all the time, talking and laughing and eating and having fun and licking my cunt until I come, I will assume you are into me. I know, presumptuous women.

A week later he was with a girl who looked JUST LIKE ME, but 22. Despite Timmy being 40. Months later they were married. Maybe a year later, divorced.

So, don’t date men with names suited for toddlers. They might look grown, they may have jobs, they may be very decent at  oral sex  but they are just man- boys who will act like using you was some kind of kindness.

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