The polyamory plague

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 7.20.47 AM

This is the Polyamory flag! They have a flag, who knew?


As I’ve established, dating in Portland is not easy. When you weed out the zz top/mountain man beards, the dead deer and fish pics, the look at my gun pics, the headless dad bod naked torso pics, the dude surrounded by sorority girls in bikinis pics, as well as the fine looking guys who say they want “a partner in crime” or are “living each moment to the fullest!” there isn’t a lot left. And then about half of that is the polyamorous.

I have no issue with Polyamory. But I want more than to fuck a guy once in a while when his wife is at her knitting circle for the evening. If my dating/sex life continues to be so lacking I may change my mind but, fuck. Just fuck.

And you poor, persecuted Polys. Oh, you say “I’m Poly, so you’ve probably swiped left by now”. Oh, poor you. You’ll have to fuck your wife. Or your girlfriend. But you want more. Poor you.

One of the roommates I went on a date with (not the one I saw/slept with for about 6 months, the other one) was/is Poly. He had 2 girlfriends, but one had broken up with him and he was despondent about it. I guess the remaining girlfriend wasn’t enough. Or he always needed a spare on hand? Dodged that bullet anyway.

I just find it weird when a guy who’s looking to date says “I’m married to love of my life! Check out her profile!” Yeah, no thanks. And it does kind of piss me off. These fuckers have sound their soul mate and they want more? I just want one partner. And it’s seemingly impossible to find. Maybe I should amass a man harem of Poly guys so I might get sex more than once every three weeks. Vaguely reminiscent of Benedict Cumberbatch bailed on the tentative plans last night. sigh. I’m glad he came back around at all but damn I wish he’d see me more often. But a man harem is not easy to amass. Believe me, I’ve tried.

And there are SO MANY Poly people, why don’t they just all fuck amongst themselves?!

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