Bored to near death

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 6.25.54 PM

If one could actually die of boredom I’d be in a drawer in the morgue right now. I just had the most boring date I’ve had in quite some time.

How is it that someone can seem very interesting and witty in online conversation and then in person it’s just crickets? Perhaps I’m boring to some people. I will allow the possibility. But this guy was just boring. And I’ve found that the native Oregonians are boring. AF. I am trying to keep from stereotyping but life experience isn’t helping me out.

Thankfully I can go back to watching the new season of “queer eye”. It’s wonderful. I wish I had a coven of fabulous gay men to hang out with. They are rarely boring. Being a straight woman is really a drag sometimes. I have another date tomorrow. This next one doesn’t seem super compelling but the one who just bored me to near death did seem compelling on paper so who fucking knows.

And sadly I wish vaguely reminiscent of Benedict Cumberbatch was coming over but he’s busy. As usual.  While I’m glad he’s come around again at all I’m not so excited by his bailing on plans right before going out of town for who knows how long. I will try to be grateful for the quality of fun he provides, despite it’s decided  lack in quantity. I am grateful to have finally broken my celibacy and spinster hymen. And it’s so good when it’s happening. But as usual I’m a greedy cunt and I want more.

Will I ever find someone that I really connect with? Who wants to spend time with me? Who thinks about me when we’re apart? Who drives me crazy but I just can’t live without? It doesn’t look good. I’m pretty near expired on the shelf.

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