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If women were running things at least they wouldn’t show their dicks to people at work, because they don’t have them. Sure, women do sometimes sexually harass people, but it’s safe to say it’s not happening at the same scale.

I don’t think having a penis makes one more able to do any job. I don’t know that much about politics but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t ever be using your dick, so having one shouldn’t be a pre-requisite. Having a vagina doesn’t hinder the ability to do any job. It’s 2018… can’t we get past this “women have long hair & vacuum & can have jobs but get paid less & should above all else be pretty/ men have short hair & get the top corporate & political jobs & they are more fit to do things like be president despite the fact that they like to grab bitches by the pussy.

All of that shit needs to go.

Having a dick and being a dick are two different things. I like men. I like dick. Particularly when it’s attached to a man who I like who is not a dick.

In some way this movement is making dating a bit easier, the open dialogue about not accepting rapey behavior anymore is just on the table. Any guy who’s uncomfortable with admitting there is a problem is not someone I’ll see again.  A lot of guys preemptively express apologies for “everything women go through” which is kind of nice but not necessary. We don’t want apologies. We don’t want sympathy. We want it to stop.

#metoo and #timesup are great. But maybe we need #timeout. Let’s give women a chance to be in charge. To sit at the table instead of bringing the coffee. Maybe we can make some beneficial changes to society. The men in charge are failing, in part to the fact that some of them can’t stop showing/shoving their dick into people at work. If women don’t do better we can return to the patriarchy. Or a balanced system where men and women are both seen as equal.

We want to be seen as 100% equals. Full stop. Despite our lack of a dick. It’s 2018 for fuck’s sake. It’s time.

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