“cougar” AKA double standard/ misogyny

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 7.42.09 PM   Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 7.31.55 PM

“cougar”                                                              ”            ”


When a man dates/marries a much younger woman it’s normal. There is no name for the men who do this. It’s common for men to 10+ years older than their girlfriends/wives.

When women date/marry a younger man they are labeled a predator. Cougar. I looked up “Hollywood cougars” and found a list of women, many only 4-6 years older than their significant others. Reversed that isn’t even a remarkable age difference at all.

This double standard enrages me. I really want to date/marry someone around my own age. Maybe a bit older or younger. But my own age is preferable. Except many men my own age view me as too old for them! Or they generously allow for a woman their own age, but not a month older! Very few have the age going even 5 years older than themselves.

If you want to breed, ok. But if you’re 48 and “might want kids someday” I just question your sanity.

I joined match.com.  I had a curious hope it might have more quality men, men who are willing to pay for a dating site, men who are not already married. I’ve been sorely disappointed thus far. But I’ll carry on. I’ve been sorely disappointed by life and I’ve managed to keep dragging my ass through life so I can surely manage dating, right?

But the guy who at 48 sets his age preference at 19-23? Not encouraging. And the droves that are my age but I’m too old for them? Not remotely encouraging either.

I have zero tolerance for misogyny. Zero. Perhaps this means I’ll be alone forever. Oh well. At least there’s death to look forward to. It’s gotta be better than dating.

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