Age appropriate?

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The issue of “age appropriate” seems to be a purely female issue. No one waxes on about what 60+ year-old men should/shouldn’t be wear/ing.

In addition to wondering if I’m “too old” for my clothing now, I find that many men my own age view me as too old for them! What the fucking actual fuck?! And many of them are not looking good for their age, while I look great. I have quite a bit of silver and white hair. I also have the same body I did at 25, just slightly less fit then when I was dancing professionally. And I mean Modern Dance, not stripping. (Nothing wrong with stripping but dude, I have a fucking Bachelor’s Degree in Dance. It’s different.)

How on earth can I be too old for a man my own fucking age? If they want to breed, ok. Ew, but ok. But many do not want to breed but still demand a woman be younger. Many even set the age just 1 year younger than themselves, but it’s rare to see a guy with the age setting higher than his own age.

I’m not against dating someone a bit younger or a bit older. But I’m not looking for 60+ year olds. This is too fucking bad because I seem to be right in their delusional wheelhouse of age appropriate.

I like having a partner who is my own age, they know about the 70’s. I find men my age entirely age appropriate. I find it insanely misogynistic that men find me age inappropriate despite the fact we are the same fucking age!

I wonder daily if I should just give up. The most connection I’ve found in years is a guy who is giving me great sex once in a while but decided to end his stream of relationships and call himself “not relationship material” upon meeting me. Great. What is it about me that makes men either long for/return to their ex girlfriend’s or decide to cease being boyfriendable all together? I need to change that thing, whatever it is.

They say that you find love when you’re not looking. But if I stop dating I will never meet anyone. And every minute older I get the less men I have even interested in me. If I wait too long the only men who deem me age appropriate will be dead.


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