you gotta try it on

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molly goddard dress, I dream of owning some of her designs. 

A great date can really boost your confidence, much like a new dress can. It feels so good to make a connection, find something that fits and feels good, both new and comfortable.

But in both cases you do need to try it on. I’m in love with this crazy pink dress pictured. I dream of wearing it. But it could happen that upon trying it on I discover it looks dreadful.

We are supposed to follow those rules, wait a certain number of dates before having sex. There’s that thing about the baseball bases. I hate rules. I’m terrible with numbers. And I fucking despise baseball. So, I am aware there are rules, I just don’t really know exactly what they are. Nor do I exactly care.

So my last date went really well. By those rules, too well. We met at a bar. We talked and drank beers. We laughed. It was pretty lovely. It had started a bit awkwardish but pretty quickly became really easy. Like me! He asked what next… usually I’m ready to return to my Netflix queue, but I was really game to keep hanging out. I invited him to my house to smoke weed. It’s legal here, dude!

We walked the 20 or so blocks to my place, chatting, petting cats. We got to my house, hung out, got high, I was showing him some cool videos. He asked if I wanted to make out… I usually have to ask, so I was pretty happy. And it was really good. So good we didn’t stop at making out. And now I know it’s a good fit.

I hope I didn’t “ruin” things by not having some ladylike timeline for entry into my cunt. I love sex. If I feel comfortable and safe with a man I just don’t have any reason to wait. Guys who think you’re “easy” or “fast” or “slutty” if you have sex on a first date are such gross hypocrites. They had sex too! If a man wants to wait so many dates, great! Tell me so. I certainly can. But I need to rely on someone else’s willpower for that one. Mine is out-of-order when it comes to sex.

I’m really glad I met someone good. I have no idea if it’ll go anywhere. I am still smitten with my vaguely reminiscent of Benedict Cumberbatch, but if someone who is actually available comes along I will have to give that up. But in the meantime I may be amassing a man harem. Oops!

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