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So. It’s pretty well established that I have issues with boundaries. I’m publicly journaling about my dating/sex life on the internet. So. Yeah.

I am working on this. With very limited success. i.e I totally suck at it. But I’m better than I used to be. And I am getting the perfect situation to improve. Oy.

He who I’m obviously still writing about needs boundaries. And I need him. So I push. I tempt. I am quite the temptress, for an old hag. I am not above begging.

But I realized that this is just cruel. I know he wants me. But I understand that he needs to set this boundary, and I can’t be a cunt and put my cunt in his face.

We had a lovely time the other evening. Hanging out. Talking. Making out. But he had boundaries. Which I did try to push. Good natured-ly , but still. Not super cool.

So I am going to act like the grown up lady I should probably be by now and really respect his boundaries. He does know what I want. I don’t need to remind him. Or send pics. Or tempt and beg.

This isn’t a “girl, have some self-respect” moment. I do respect myself. And I have begged that man to come over and ravish me. I do not believe there is any shame in that. But I do not feel good about trying to tempt my way into Benedid-open-up  Come-on-give-him-a-break’s khakis. When he tells me he needs to not have sex. I can’t keep doing that.

But I hope he takes me up on my offer of cuddle dates.

Sigh.  You know how much I love to lay in your arms and smell you, my dear.


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