All the dicks I’ve sucked before…

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 4.02.26 AM

(the official dick towel of “it’s always sunny in Philadelphia”)


So, yet another era ended this evening. The era of sexting with Bene-doing-things-to-make-me Touch-my-snatch. Sigh.

We all know about the celibacy vow. Yeah. But we had an epic thread on kik. Which I was still “using” on occasion. Which I have now deleted. Per his request. I asked if he would like me to delete it all. And he said yes. So I did. Not without regret.

Sure, part of it is I’d love to look at his sexy pics. But hearing  his voice on sexy vids is what I’ll miss the most. That voice of his. It slays me. Every time.

Hilariously, I got a “congrats on your 69th post!” from my dear Benny, whilst hanging out at Ed Naughty Norton’s house. My phone had been off but when I checked it I saw his texts. And Ed saw my face seeing those texts. “Is it sk8 dude?” “No, Benedict.” He hates Benedict. Not that he loves sk8 dude.

I long to hear that fucking harp tone. I told Ed how that sound just stops my heart, now with a knife instead of the flutter of joy it used to be. He started whinging until I said “Don’t worry, I’ll feel that same knife when I hear your whistle ringtone when you don’t want to fuck me anymore either!” and we laughed.

I couldn’t help but text back. I asked about the kik and when he asked I delete it I did so immediately. I didn’t take a goodbye stroll. It seemed wrong. With Ed there and all.

I sometimes wish I had a collection of pics of all the dicks I’ve sucked before. Well, not all. Ew. Some I don’t care to recall. But the greatest hits, if you will.  That would be a pretty sweet walk down memory lane.

But I don’t have such a stash. Se la vie.


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