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So, I gotta write about my sk8 dude. Andy, from Weeds. I’ve given a shoutout to ballet boy for fuck’s sake. Hey, if you’re still reading, ballet boy, hey!

I’ve written about Ed. I’ve certainly written about Benedict. But this isn’t an equal airtime scenario. Honestly, we all know that dear ol’ Bene-dickin-me-around Cum-on-back only got so much airtime because he caused so much emotional turmoil with his Bene-vowing-to Come-in-no-snatch game. Shoutout to you to, Ben. Know that my turmoil was both my own doing and a small, gladly given, price to pay for those drips and drabs of time. Ummm, drips.

But do these guys want to rack up posts or clock hours spent with their dick in my mouth? Totally your choice, fellas.

Andy is also adorable. I know I use this descriptor for them all but they are nothing alike, none of them in any way. There are infinite, diverse ways of being adorable. It’s pretty amazing.

Andy is so many things I have been wanting a man. So many. Particularly astounding/refreshing/amazing/terrifying he is actually emotionally available and makes it clear that he likes me. Like, likes me likes me. And I totally like, like him like him too.

And yet. He is also a laundry list of things that I have dated, loved, vowed to never again.

Skateboarder. Musician. Has 3 roommates in a derelict house. A Band. A Band practice basement. Only one or two days off a week. One of his only days off a week devoted to said band practice. Works nights.

He is simultaneously all the things I’m looking for in a man and all the things I vowed to never look for in a man. At the same time. In the same man.


Time will tell. Who knows when the fucking final rose ceremony will be. But fuck, I cannot wait for that “men tell all” episode!



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