I want candy.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 7.25.28 PM

Sex is like candy, for grown ups. When I’m having a sex life I don’t crave sweets. At all. I have other things to put in my mouth.

Sex is a great candy replacement, it is healthy, and even burns calories! Especially when done well.

I had an epic, full-scale sugar addiction as a child. Eating sugar out of the bag with a spoon is a fond childhood memory. Ditto eating cool whip from the container. No one shamed me for eating sugar. It was not restricted.

I didn’t get any shaming about sex really, either. Not from my parents. Just the standard societal bullshit. Which didn’t stick. Obviously.

I’m super open about sex. Obviously again. I don’t go talking about graphic details or bring up the subject with strangers but I’m not shy about sex. I don’t have an issue with a just sex only relationship. If it’s that, it’s that. Of course I want more than that at some point, with the right partner. But I’m not entirely sure that total monogamy will be for me. Maybe. Maybe Monogomish?

But really. Only 1 dick until I die? One? Wow. Not sure it has to be quite that harsh, man.

If you had to decide on 1 ice cream flavor and then could only ever ever have that flavor only, until death, that would be insane, yes? And dick is way better than ice cream.

I am perhaps a bit hedonistic. I would love to be enjoying a few different men. But my opt out clit seems to send dudes packing. For a fucking monastery.

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