Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 9.55.13 PM

actual photo of supposed “platonic cuddling position”. uh, right. it’s 69ing with pants on.


Platonic relationships with someone you love fucking are not always possible. Because, fucking. Uh.

Andy wanted to go platonic. He initially said it was fine that I was seeing other people. Then it wasn’t fine. Hence platonic-ness. Which lasted about 2 minutes. Hallelujah. I so prefer pants-free 69ing.

Ballet boy and I just went for drinks. Totally platonic. It was lovely. We didn’t need to jump on each other. It was awesome.

I’m hoping to have some kind of platonic relationship with Benedick Celibatch. Unless he gives up on celibacy and goes full non-platonic, pants-free cuddle positions galore with me again. If only! But platonic time would be great. Not as great as penetration but great, sure.

I have 2 great men I’m seeing. And I’m into them. I’m glad Andy gave up on platonic-ness. I’m not sure Ed Norton is interested in anything exclusive as of yet. And I like Andy. And I like Ed Norton. And I wish I didn’t think about Bene-hijacking-my-mind Cum-on-back anymore. But I do. And it’s not always very platonic. Pants are not featured in my thoughts. But I could hang out with him in pants. He looks damn good in pants!

At some point maybe I’ll stop pining. Longing. Thinking. Hoping.  It’s so futile. He obviously doesn’t want to see me, if he did he’d do so. The chemistry is so mind bogglingly good and yet he’s so ready to say “nah”. Opt out. I don’t get it. And boy, would I like to get it. All night long.

But I shouldn’t complain. I am not a lonely, sexless spinster these days. I am really enjoying dating Ed & Andy. I like them both. I’m not really complaining. Just still pining a bit for someone who doesn’t want me. Because I’m not smart enough to stop. I’d love to be so over my head for someone else that I just forget about his ass altogether, but that’s not how it is, not today anyway. But maybe tomorrow.

Or, just give up on celibacy already  and text me those 3 little words I live for…

harp sounds    “on my way”

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