21D51F82-4DBC-41F2-B6E9-6727515132C5Why are all the dudes I like from Connecticut?  Benedict and Andy are & Ed moved there from England so it’s sort of where he’s from.   It’s weird.

I’m in Iceland, AKA heaven with shit weather.  I’m having lots of awesome time with girlfriends. We get to talking & cackling like witches. They agree the Connecticut thing is beyond bizarre. Am I some kind of  Connecticunt magnet?

It’s been a while since I posted. Being on vacation and writing about my romantic angst don’t really go together. But I wouldn’t want to disappoint my 39 followers so I’m giving it a go. Results may vary.

Speaking of romantic angst I’ve actually had that final rose ceremony, but with very little fanfare.  3 guesses who the lucky man is! I’ll make my next post all about that, don’t worry. But I’m having another blogistential crisis. Without romantic angst what the fuck will I write about?  Oh dear. Yet another thing I didn’t think through.  Hopefully I’ll think of something because I’m pretty much in love with writing this blog now.

I’m in love with my blog. I’m in love with Iceland. And I’m in love with a man, so much so that I both want to stay in Iceland forever but also can’t wait to go home to him. It’s unprecedented. Much like life without romantic angst. I’ll have to get used to it.

Outing myself as a dried up hag has really done wonders for my life!


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