Elskan mín


It’s official.  I’m in love.  Meet my boyfriend, Andy from Weeds/AKA sk8 dude.  He’s rad.

The final rose ceremony was pretty anticlimactic.  I just decided to stop with the bullshit and  choose. Ed was drifting away anyway.  Benedict is still celibate (& maddeningly “wants me to be happy with Andy but also hopes I’m not attached for too long since his celibacy streak will end eventually.  Fuck.  If you wanted me I’ve been here all along, dude. Am I more appealing now that someone else wants me too?).

So it would appear that Andy kind of won by default, on the surface.  But he’s the right choice. He’s so sweet. Super sexy. Hilarious. I was just hesitant because on paper he looks like the guys I dated in my 20’s.  But he’s not, not really.

I got so used to guys being halfway into me, to wondering if they really liked me, that Andy’s upfront “I really like you” was a bit  terrifying.  It took me a minute to actually accept it. But once I did I felt so at home with him.

I’ve been missing him like crazy. And I never miss anything or anyone while I’m in Iceland! It’s unprecedented. He told me he loves me for the first in Instagram messenger! I’d almost said it before but swallowed it since it’s such early days. But it feels right. He makes me feel both crazy swooning in love and completely grounded at the same time.  I’m so happy.  He’s the best. I’m so grateful for tinder bringing us together, & for his being patient while I sorted out my shit and realized that he’s my guy.

I just hope being in love doesn’t kill my blog!

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