My love affair with Iceland

F2F9DE41-2DC4-48AC-BEB3-CB0D14833254It was love at first sight.

I first visited Iceland 10 years ago. My love of Björk led me there. And my love for Iceland keeps me coming back.

Its beautiful. Epically gorgeous. It’s also full of amazing and creative people making incredible art, music, fashion, food, etc. They have a very black humour which I share. They might seem a bit cold at first to those who enjoy aggressive friendliness but once you get to know them they are warm and generous people. I have made wonderful friends. I feel like I’m a visitor more than a tourist.  My friends have welcomed me into their home like family. I’m currently on a bus going North to stay with my friends’ cousin who met me and invited me to stay with her.  I’m so fucking grateful for all the love and kindness being bestowed upon me!

Here  are a few of my favorite things about Iceland.


The hot springs.  The swimming pools. Even the tap water is geothermal.  That sulfur smell is pure heaven to me.


The fact that you must wash without your swimsuit before entering a pool  This means no nasty fecal matter floating in the water! Please do it.



The walkability. I’ve been walking all over town, taking in the sights, taking photos and looking at the lovely shops with local made items.




The prevalence of Art. The museums are amazing. The street art is amazing. Most people have at least one creative “hobby” if not a full fledged pursuit. Many are gifted in many different forms.  Art is part of life here, not something just for privileged people.


The cats.  There are cats all over town, out and about.  I am forever trying to photograph them. Some are local stars and really know how to pose.


The colorful houses. They brighten the city when it’s gloomy and grey. It’s cheerful even in the rain.


It’s made a home in my heart. I miss it when I’m away. I never want to leave, except now that I have my elskan mín waiting at home for me I actually want to go home. To him. It’s blowing my mind. It’s lovely to be in love.

Someday I’ll bring my love to the place I love most and it’ll be an epic love fest.

For now I’m having the best time possible without him by my side. He’s keeping my heart warm from a thousand miles away.

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