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I’m home in Portland.  Feels like home for the first time.  Due in large part to my elskan mín.  It’s so good to be together again.

Reunited, & it feeeeels so goooood!

He’s awesome. Fràbært, dude. I’m so in love.  It’s getting better & better & better.  Love keeps lifting us higher.  Sappy songs mean so much all of the sudden.

Part of me was so scared that I was building it up in my head and we’d get together after my missing him in Iceland and it would be…crickets.  Underwhelming.  Disappointing.  That part of me was so wrong.

Its so good.  It started good but keeps getting better.  We’ve got some bananas chemistry.  It’s everything.

The other dude who I had chemistry with totally blew his chance to enjoy that shit, perhaps thinking I’d be available whenever it was convenient or the celibacy streak was completed or whatever. But now  I’m in love.  I want it to last. I hope it does. Maybe forever.

That chemistry was undeniable. Yow. Za.  But.  With elskan mín it’s just as good. Very different.  But just as amazing… and better because we’re like, totally in love!  And it’s growing.  And there’s no push/pull, jerking around, keeping me at arms length. He’s pulled me in close, and he’s not afraid of love. When great chemistry and love get together it’s pretty special.

I might have written about benedict cumberbatch for the last time.


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