On repeat

I keep trying to reach out to my former elskan mín. He keeps saying he wants to be alone. Now he’s said he doesn’t want to repeat himself. So I’ll stop trying.

But how do I stop caring?  How can I turn off my heart?

How can I reconcile being worthy of love yet so easily discarded by someone who claimed to love me? I can’t imagine how I can ever try again.  Not that I should even bother.

It must be nice to just move on. Not care. I always care too much. You’d think I’d learn.

Maybe this time it’ll get through to me. I probably should have given up a long time ago.

If only wisdom came with grey hair.

2 thoughts on “On repeat

  1. What happened? Did he say he wanted some time by himself or that he doesn’t want to continue your relationship? I have a feeling that those are much further apart in man-speak than woman-understanding..


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